Film director & screenwriter Tessie G.A. was interviewed by CIO Noticias in the context of Aurora Horror Film Festival to talk about her short film “Mamacita” (2019).

The short thriller “Mamacita” (2019) was selected by the Aurora Horror Film Festival to be part of its XVI edition in 2021. Thanks to this, CIO Noticias made a very interesting interview to the director Tessie G.A. in which they discussed her film, her references and her future projects. Also. she was named a gothic post-modern horror genre director due to her references (Edgar Allan Poe, for example) and the themes she addresses on her films.

You can watch the interview and also look at her film “Mamacita” in the following page: Mamacita Short Film. 

Mamacita from Willow Films on Vimeo.

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